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tv   Headline News  RT  June 22, 2014 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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so picture of today's. dinner from rose to. brooklyn. live from moscow at eleven pm the ukrainian military anti government fighters accuse each other of ignoring it it played ceasefire as more civilian lives lost in the attacks. really. gas cut off this last week making your of the anxious think you have could revert to its old ways and siphon from the transit pipelines. also coming up to islamic radicals edge of a closer to the iraqi capital reportedly now capturing three more cities on the way . and israeli troops souple media offices in the west bank including ours seizing hard drives and destroying equipment amid a tense crackdown against palestinian authorities we delve into what was happening
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there as well this hour. hello i'm kevin zero in thanks for watching us it's appreciated this is the weekly around of the big stories of the last seven days and again dominating it has been a week of grief and trauma for civilians in east ukraine. you know. losing it doing it in the ellipse leventhal do what are you. going to go you're going to go for it would. you do you want to this is what. now before we carry on please be aware you're about to see some very graphic video the images we've blurred for you but they are key to what we're going to explain next bodies lying in the streets body parts scattered around at least ten civilians
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were killed many war wounded and what happened on choose day the shelling there residential areas were left devastated with buildings in ruins there was riddled with holes and windows shattered. china took up mother was a lot by the lists. his lady had to be if he stole it which this is not everyday life for these people of mortar shell has this family's backyard instantly killing a thirty year old mother her five year old son died just a few hours later doctors did their best to try to battle to save his life here is also on the operating table they say they found dozens of shell fragments in his head. and you could then you would not cause the leading year let detroit you know when you could get most would be. put out to see these. he was more than you see it then you had the neediness meet
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up with the need to upset you when his mansion and. that you hear him if you see if you are. watching you are. talking about everyday life this is night that's the air raid alarm sounding over the city of lugansk people where being forced to spend nights a bomb shelters and basements still the army keeps on hitting the city's suburbs while residents keep on trying to flee. what you see here this particular attack ended up with two russian journalist dead body was filmed by the cameraman the crew's only survivor they were covering the evacuation of civilians from a particularly dangerous area. supports years of progress this self-defense activist raised his hands to show refugees a safe path at this moment the first mortar shell exploded and damaged his hand are
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journalists further away at the checkpoint and i turned my head and saw that the second the third mortar shells went off exactly where they were so there was a road between it's between our journalists and me i could hear shells exploding all the time so they both had press written on their clothes but that didn't save them journalists doing their job let me put a name to them thirty seven year old reporter eager corner look he was late to rescue a moscow with military honors he survived by his wife and seven year old daughter and this is sound operator and he's going to be buried next week after further tests occurred out of his body first for his part ukraine's president has promised an investigation into the deaths of those russian journalists and also an attempt to ease the tensions in these petro poroshenko announced a week ceasefire and came up with a peace plan includes an amnesty for those who agreed to lay down their arms and haven't committed any severe crimes also on the list the creation of a ten kilometer wide buffer zone along the border with russia it proposes to
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changes to the constitution to guarantee the use of the russian language and it also suggests devolving power to eastern regions along with early local and parliamentary elections one of the plans top points is to guarantee safety for all negotiated sides pora showed himself though still refusing to hold talks with leaders in those self-proclaimed republics russia says it supports the plan but says that it's unlikely to work without that dialogue. it goes to resume production buel the fact that president poroshenko declared a truce is a vital part resolving the crisis and you see the most important it's crucial that this will reduce of the grave the way for a dialogue between the fighting sides that's the key to success. at present indeed went on to say there's also been more artillery fire in ukraine near the russian border on friday night a russian checkpoint was shelled by the ukrainian military that injured a customs officer it happened as two hundred refugees were crossing into russia so
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potentially could have been much worse i guess now that fighting is driving many from their homes in east ukraine as we've been reporting tens of thousands of civilians have been forced to leave the area most of them seeking shelter in russia a lot of refugees of left the families behind because the parents been trying to get the children of course to safety first. but the wall of. steel. has told us likes to have to listen ok let's put it up. but that was just when you sort of does but it. really is the you could. well the crisis unfolds in the east the country capital has been carmi that at least fifty people gathered near the russian consulate in kiev today sunday showing anti moscow slogans and
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throwing objects at police so the first time it's happened but it's a much milder protest than what was witnessed rast week when paint stones and smoke bombs will throw to the russian embassy and indeed the flag was torn down by radical youths they accuse moscow of getting involved in the country's crisis. and this is the scene elsewhere in kiev you see here a group of vast individuals clashing with police their flag suggesting they belong to an ultra nationalist movement they're also seen vandalizing a branch of a sperm bank there's a russian bank now our website is running a special section dedicated to the whole long running a very layered ukrainian crisis month's worth of archives are there for you to explore if you're in the mood to catch up or hear expert expectations about the future how's it going to pan out head to our tea dot com. jihadist militants who killed twenty one tribal leaders from western iraqi towns
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and their own slaughter through the country that continues brutality is the signature tactic of the fighters from the islamic state of iraq and syria group they have left a trail of blood on the march through the water on country live not shied away from boasting about their atrocities either the pictures you're seeing here from the al qaeda offshoot show the mass executions of soldiers they were released in the the week. groups even released to a promo video to seek out new recruits the isis advance was swift and deadly they reportedly captured three cities today alone yet some sources say this was down to a tactical withdrawal by the army on this map you can see the two main routes that have been taken as that as those terrorists try to get to their eventual target baghdad article piskun off has more on the extremists terror take over. fifteen thousand fighters ten thousand operations in iraq one thousand assassinations and all last year alone the state of iraq and syria now known more notoriously as
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isis has been slicing through iraq moving closer and closer to baghdad and they're running a slick modern p.r. campaign to even publishing an official report of their activities using computer generated graphics it paints a clear picture of the terror organization including the types and amounts of weapons they use their strategy details of operations and targets and former intelligence officers claim it produces its press releases like a giant corporation trying to create an image of a world structured disciplined and effective organization or to attract funding but their actions speak loudly too as isis fighters have almost to reach the iraqi capital killing scores of people along the way in just around seven b. while during the u.s. led invasion of the country it took the allied forces twenty two days to reach baghdad the alternate goal of isis is to create a new islamic state merging parts of iraq and syria into one now it's believed that the movement grew out of al qaeda in iraq emerging from the cast of the two
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thousand and three invasion to day it has fifteen thousand fighters most of whom are thought to be from neighboring middle eastern countries but around two thousand are believed to have come from europe including britain isis has also become known for extreme brutality including widespread beheadings and crucifixions most of its funding is traced to southeast asia particularly indonesia the country with the biggest muslim population on earth and would following the arrest of high profile jihad is there it said extremists are now turning their attention to the conflicts in iraq and syria. political analyst chris bambery agrees the videos were released this is not just across the rug for the entire middle east. one of the brutalized but secondly of course as well they're well used to social media in terms of objects and cells but the fact that in addition to the view you know talking about your posting on which reduced executions and seeing have killed the sheer dall that
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is going to backfire in terms of across the region as i see it in the neighboring governments or road will be very nervous about what is happening here are really very keen whatever the past the fences will be have been the maliki government baghdad to buttress the maliki government against this against isis because it's going legit repercussions potentially for turkey for around every other country in the region you're talking about iraq there and it's not only iraq where the popularity of isis is growing intelligence analysts estimate three thousand foreigners have signed up for isis so far indeed the u.k. foreign secretary this week said four hundred of them are believed to be british. all the big news israeli defense forces raided our t's office in the west bank destroy equipment and confiscating records it comes as part of a series than of similar i.d.f. raids all media centers a bit of military ongoing military campaign against the palestinian authorities who israel is accusing of kidnapping of three israeli students still not found let's
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get the latest maltese paulus lee hi paula what happened to the office and how did the i.d.f. explain what happened then of the day. well as you say the israeli defense forces raided the offices of palme media which is the production company based in the west bank city of ramallah and which provides services to. they damage the building they damage the studio the internet signal was lost the archive of both video and ordeal material disappeared at the same time through nature was destroyed the door the doors of the offices in the studio were ruined as well as computers and disks that were confiscated now these being almost a comical conversation between us and the israeli defense forces we've been in contact with them throughout the course of the day and when we asked them what exactly had happened they said nothing the raid was against the outback such channel we then pointed out that that was actually in another building and they said oh well then in that case the raid was against out could see t.v.
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so we followed up with a question as to why heavy then confiscated r t arabic sequent meant and the answer we received from the i.d.f. was that we had to since the operation targeted the whole complex now these confiscations were done as part of the so-called operation brothers keeper which is intended to risk to three israeli teenagers that were kidnapped over ten days ago by him us the dignity head of r.t. arabic has said that the idea of has never acted without any kind of documentation that proves that whoever it's raiding is in fact affiliated with terrorists but when he asked where the proof was that r.t. was affiliated with any such party that proof was short in coming. the spokesman of israel defense force was claiming that israeli forces never behaved never acting without any documents without any exact specific intelligence well i can tell him
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now where is the intelligence that you've got to prove that r.t. was somehow or anyhow related to any political movement. the e i.d.f. has said that if after the examination of the discs and equipment that it has confiscated it is clear that there is no terror related content in the equipment will be returned to r.t. arabic but as you say and paul you know there's promotion from out here so far as far as artie's concerned as clear as mud isn't it thanks for the update they appreciated. along with all this this week source three hundred palestinian suspects arrested in connection with those students abduction of gideon levy he's a reporter for the israeli newspaper ha'aretz he believes that the i.d.f. heavy handed operation is gone far beyond its aim initially they said of trying to find these missing three teenagers i think that this operation went out of proportion long time ago in your office the raid on your office is just an example
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of a very very wide scale operation which has nothing to do with the fate of this re kidnapped youngsters israel takes advantage. of the strike again not the first time to smash the hamas and anything which smells hamas or looks like hamas or is connected directly or indirectly with scum us is becoming a victim for brutal searching and confiscating. even your own feces one of those victims. indeed it was i'm kevin i mean this is often international coming up for the weekly a round of the big stories of the way kids spain's course coronation for the six is being crowded but it true protests across spain showing how austerity is left people mulling whether or not. a friendship that survives changes at the top washington pledges support and financial aid together another of egypt's
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leaders just a bit later in the program a lot of analysis of how to keep the u.s. your allies. economic. or. in our. hearts. so we leave the media. by the same motions to the other party visible. issues that no one is asking with the guests they deserve answers from. politics.
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hello again after refusing to pay its energy bills for six months kids natural gas than was finally turned off in the week as to how it came to this let's take a quick resume a of the facts for a minute ukraine still owes russia in excess of four billion dollars it's a huge bill after it stopped payments back last november and what russia said it wanted when it set this final deadline last week was that it received at least half of that money ukraine's problem apparently there was the price kept upbeat neither with the current price or the what was being offered by moscow in fact if you
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assisted on a price that it called a market one but if you look at the graph coming up here it will be one of the lowest in europe you can make your own decision on it kiev's demanding to pay only half of what some european nations pay even the e.u. is called russia's final offer of three hundred eighty five dollars per thousand cubic meters a reasonable offer not so ukraine though it's refused to budge so we asked a number of experts what kiev is really playing for here behind the scenes maybe. who. would stand on their hands and spit out a little still because come on and it wouldn't change the situation and i think the negotiating tactics the ukrainian government you know are simply designed to make someone crazy in moscow your period of compromise you could be reasonable and suddenly everything collapses this isn't going to help ordinary ukrainian people it's creating enormous economic instability and uncertainty
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a deal would have signaled a step towards normalization of relations with russia which of course is ukraine's by far the largest trading partner so really a deal was in the new ukrainian people's interest and i don't really understand why hasn't gone through what happens now is you know that makes the choice and it's not the choice between you know more losing more money or being the bad switch of the gas to go to sleep eat system in summer is respected much more than in the starting to do that an automobile. so that's what some experts say no as of this week the only gas russia is sending three ukrainian pipes in is what's already been bought by europe but given past experiences the e.u. is still nervous to remind you it was in two thousand and six we saw half of europe left in the cold because ukraine began siphoning gas from those transit pipes wasn't a gas to take but i took it there was another so-called gas war three years later when ukrainian supplies were reduced again it began tapping into those pipes at the
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time it wreaked havoc on the economies of eastern europe especially russia promises promises to keep the e.u.'s gas flowing it said it again despite all the differences with ukraine it skims ability to guarantee the transit though that's being doubted he had maybe just a day after that gas was cut off an explosion hit a segment of the pipeline to europe we got the pictures of it this is the video footage of that incident huge fire there ukraine's interior ministry says the explosion was most likely the result of a terrorist attack fortunately. the blast happened in a secluded area away from people's enormous harmed and for now all the fuel that was going through the pipes when switched to a reserve pipeline so again europe's getting its gas in full no brakes political scientists mature spritz all ski told us that the very least the explosion there was a blow to the country's reputation as a trance it country. if you look at the country it's not no more a state it's rather a kind of sailed state does the control of its territory which is unable to
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guarantee not only the lives of its own citizens about all saw economics. that pipeline and that's basically the same skills that business going on there are so. many examples would keep you posted now the big story happening today now america's committed to seeing egypt turned its people succeed that's the message from u.s. secretary of state john kerry he paid a short visit to cairo sunday declaring u.s. support resuming hundreds of millions of dollars of military aid to president sisi who took office earlier this month let's go now to middle east specialist lawrence davidson for his thoughts on what's happening here and a bit more about this visit are lawrence looks like egypt's new leaders just got a powerful ally that by the sounds of it no well i mean you know mr ation has. has want to sue were military aid to egypt for months now
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probably. in the position taken by. he who is. very high ranking. we want to be appropriations committees. or. you know gyptian government. we shouldn't be funding so there's a problem with. her is probably in egypt you know trying. to do something. that would. suggest. lightening up on of the opposition. here so you see. then he can argue with. you know who you was.
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the senators were your way or. the cuomo theri. got your i don't think c.c. is going to do that lawrence is a funny oh well the world of politics like this isn't it i mean it begs the questions about who in charge who's in charge we got some pictures here just to tell our viewers he is x. secretary of state hillary clinton cozying up to then leader mahmoud morsi it was actually caused by c c's army that john kerry also came out in support of morsy at the time we recall and now we go. which sides america really all near end of the day. yes. america is all i ever can establish their sovereignty over. the s.r.d. over egypt if you've got
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a stable government in egypt and the americans will play ball with the. argument about whether in fact this government is legitimate. the. executive the president. said now did you demand. control over the territory. by quote unquote coming out of the sinai. in the senate. prima facia paul you've got a true you've got to know terri dictatorship and you know there's a pressing all kinds of opposition there. they're condemning mass execution exactly that's what was going to but what it was going along i want to ask you about that nic terry spoke with holding the rule of law but what about the u.s. turning a blind eye to those hundreds of muslim brotherhood members sentenced to death i
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think. a lot of those kinds of just being upheld only yesterday the concern is of course there was heavy handed sentencing the convictions some of political what had to say about that. well i think again. the department of state the president. ultimately will fix. what government controlled territory that's always been the american position as they recognize that government controls actually the only section perception to that which the bolsheviks government and ninety seven. you've got this guy in the senate is very powerful very well positioned. you're ready to start but. you're still far away and he says you know he says these guys are.
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so careful with the words in. florida says and thank you of being on the program it's very good if interest davidson a professor of a straight west chester university or a specialist on the middle east we thank you. spain's new king was crowned thursday philippe the sixth takes over them from his father juan carlos the first who is abdicated but not all spaniards are celebrating their antibiotic the protest nationwide even in the center of the capital where security was heightened for the relatively low key coronation replace officers were injured during clashes in madrid seven activists were arrested they were quickly released again the protests moods been heightened by years of austerity and soaring unemployment while the monarchy was seen perpetuating a lavish lifestyle and see its reputation battered by fraud allegations royal watchers those say this new king has got a tough job on his hands now. juan carlos was very charismatic and funny that he was close to the people however philippe is more for function the reason and this
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might be a problem for the mortgagees there are too many expectations that he is a going to arrange a number a man cries because of the problems and his not according to show his earlier king but without a political role we do not expect that matter further phillipe or actually or for any of the boy family our we need to understand that that we as we talk the scots alliance the one carlos is a king that has constantly denying that the spanish has been imposing catalonia all we want and now a majority in catalonia is devolved in the night of november about didn't happen then stuff that i don't know. you watching are to international with me kevin. the next live news update just over half an hour's time coming up but if you love us you'll love the next program more on the inner workings of the in the latest episode of news. and.
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so are we going back to iraq recently violence has flared up as insurgents are taking cities from the current iraqi government and response to this chaos obama declared that his administration is prepared to take military action whenever our national security is threatened oh well since the weapons of mass destruction were never found in iraq and the current militants can't shoot a key forty seven over the ocean i don't see how us national security is at risk now or before the iraq war even started but on the other hand the flow of oil from us but tamia well that might be at risk but sometimes i forget that obama is a politician and just a day later he was quoted as saying quite the opposite about the same situation declaring that we will not be sending u.s. troops back into combat in iraq which sounds great to my ears until you wait yet
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another few days and now he is saying that they want to send at least two hundred seventy five troops to provide support and security for u.s. personnel and the u.s. embassy in baghdad i think this orwellian attitude towards the truth comes from two factors one lying works and obama gets away with it and to the fear of looking weak presidents have to act confident like they were total control that awesome plan even when they have no idea what they're going to do i think this is the case with this iraq issue but that's just my opinion. but even for plenty to what you meant. to be used to try to blame the global reach of the media. right. just because the. stakes.